The head of Piccolo gets pretty warm.  Is that OK?

High powered LEDs of the type used in Piccolo produce a fair amount of heat and the head of Piccolo will warm considerably.  This is normal and perfectly OK.  It has been engineered to be functioning within the limits as determined by the LED manufacturer.


I am concerned about how much light Piccolo produces.

Even though Piccolo is a small scaled task light it produces a lot of light - over 200 lumens.  The measured brightness on the desk surface is about 80 foot-candles when plugged into a USB charger.


What is the color temperature of Piccolo?

Piccolo ships with 2700K CCT as standard.  3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K are available on special request.


How big is Piccolo

Piccolo is very small diameter.  We believe it is by far the smallest physical package in this class of LED task light.  The diameter of the light emitting head is not much larger than a standard #2 pencil.


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